Missing 'Find Duplicates' feature in iTunes 11 to be restored

iTunesiTunes 11 is the newest version of Apple music. This is entirely new software for it has a distinct user interface and new services too. Most of its features focus on refinements including ease of usage and speed. The new updates somewhat bring challenges and criticisms too.

In the recent iTunes 11 review conducted by All Things Digital's Walt Mossberg, it gives explanations on why Apple decided to remove some of the features and whether those features will be backed again.

The first feature was the Cover Flow. This feature is helpful in instant access of iTunes library and search for album according to its cover art. Some iTune users find this feature very helpful and so they are somewhat disappointed when they noticed that such feature was removed from iTunes 11. The reason of Apple in doing so is that only a few users find it helpful.

Cover Flow was first originated in iTunes and because of its usability the company decided to put in OS X Finder and Apple TV. Essentially, this feature is designed for easy file preview. In the event that first usage will not meet the expectation of Apple users, then most likely changes will be made.

There are users who have been very vocal about the removal of Cover Flow feature, but currently there is no hope that Apple will bring it back. iTunes 11 also remove Find Duplicates feature. This feature will let you locate duplicate songs and help you manage your library so that you will not end up having a bloated library. Apple Company said that this feature will be backed in the upcoming update.