Jelly Bean: Google Android 4.1

Google-Android-Jelly_BeanOver the years, Google already creates a massive change. In fact, it does not reveal its new interface to all Nexus Q and Nexus 7 device but its powerful software are already wrap off through the Android Jelly Bean.

Regardless of this, Android Jelly Bean has additional features like upgrades which include a new and fresh look, smoother handling, superb intuitive UI, great camera enhancements and a new voice prowess rivaling. You can have these features if you have an Android Jelly Bean. You need to know that this type of Android is different from others.

As of now, there are many users of Android Smartphones who are still using the Android 2.3 Ginger bread land and the Android 4.0 but if these users get to experience what can Android Jelly Bean will offer to them, they will surely want to have upgrades and this Android Jelly Bean will be their mobile home. This Android is truly one of a kind compared to other Androids.

The truth is, Google made some changes in the operating system interface in order to give and provide a different and unique operating system. Once you unlock your phone, you can add some additional features like animated rings. Also, you can unlock the Google search application in order to experience new features. Aside from this, even though Android phones had a bad reputation in the past years, the new 4.1 Jelly Bean will not disappoint any users because it was truly different from the Android before. This new jelly bean has great features (full list at as menu navigation, speed up animations and truly phone performance.

Ultimately, its features are truly magnificent and there is a tested and proven test done. This Jelly Bean is exceptional because the test will say it so. The operations performed cleared all the criticisms about the Android bad reputations because Jelly Bean is different from other Android Smartphones.