Introducing developerWorks from IBM

developerWorks will be IBM's single entry point for the developer community. We'll be telling you about "e-business," our word for putting businesses on the Web. And we'll be talking about "the Framework," an open application-development architecture based on open standards for vendors who play well together.
But beyond this, we intend to become the premier destination on the Web for developer resources of every kind.

Beginning with Java and XML, and cutting-edge developer productivity tools like the jCentral and xCentral search engines, we will provide world-class content for the developer community, and become the place "where developers go to work."

Across IBM, we are lining up technical experts to share their expertise and experiences with developers. IBM's alphaWorks and other programs featured on the portal will give developers everywhere the chance to work with emerging IBM technologies, and the opportunity to influence the earliest phases of their development into products.

To build a dynamic community and solve real-world developer problems, we are establishing other programs to help us to tap into our best and brightest minds. This includes over 3000 IBM professionals who work on Java technology, and IBM research scientists in laboratories at eight locations around the world.

We will support open, cross-platform standards. And we hope to help you integrate products, and tell you how to mix open and closed technologies.

But this brings us to the point: developerWorks is in Beta. To succeed, we need to know what you like and what you don't like. What should we be doing, and what gets in the way? What problems do you have? What do you need? What don't we understand?

Please take a moment to share your thoughts and ideas with us. We might not be able to reply to each comment, particularly while we're in the "start-up mode," but we promise that we will read, analyze, and discuss each and every one.