Mozilla open source software

Open source software as the name suggests has an open source philosophy and along with it also defines the terms of usage, modification and redistribution of open source software. In usual cases the license would be held by copyright law to the copyright holder, but in the case of open source software, the license grants rights to all its users. The license which grants rights to customers also holds certain limitations to the users. The limitations may be on the marketing or redistribution of software by the user. Open source software is marketed under the General Public License. It’s a more popular license in the case of open source development programs.


This license allows free distribution of the software under the condition that further developments or modifications are put under the same license. The Open Source Initiative uses open source to resolve whether a software license is open or not. Open Source Initiative determines and introduces the standards in open source software projects. Mozilla is an organisation that introduces open source software. It is very well known across the globe for its Mozilla Firefox web browser.


Mozilla still introduces a variety of products and releases them as open source software. It not only provides the source code of its products but also accepts the feedback from users. To make it easy for the users to modify their products, Mozilla has provided with a collection of tools built in to Firefox and Bugzilla, which is a bug tracking system to help manage software development. Mozilla open source software is usually accompanied with Firebug, which, inspects debugs and analyses the browser. There are certain tools that are used for open source software development. Mozilla open source software is supported in a variety of platforms. Important of them are Gecko and XUL Runner.