A brief history of Linux

linuxThere are approximately 180 million Web sites worldwide. It is growing every day, and all they need servers to host them, and very few website owners want the hassle of hosting management in private. Web hosting, serving the world your web pages, plays an important role in maintaining a viable Internet.


Given the enormity of the responsibility and the complexity of this task, it may come as a surprise to some that the operating system on the basis of many in the world of the web server has been generated by one man, a Finnish computer science student named Linus Thorvalds.


The operating system Linus Thorvalds created is known as Linux, a name derived from his name. Thorvalds created a core of Linux, known as its core, out of his dissatisfaction with what he saw as restrictive licensing imposed on the parents of the operating system - UNIX. Thorvalds wanted to develop a system that can freely use and distribute and also open source.


Partly because it was free to use and develop, but also because of its inherent reliability, over the past two decades, Linux is widely used as an operating system for web servers. Linux has a reputation in the first place to ensure stability, and for many months, and in some cases, years of trouble-free operation is usually reported. Linux is a secure, built in a smart, self-protection path, which makes it very difficult to crack.