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The UML hosting action in Europe now moves south, to Italy. Here's the blurb from The Packardt Imaging which showed up this morning:
The Packardt Imaging is now selling very configurable UMLs to Italian customers who can even choose what kernel to run in their virtual server.

Look at for prices and info
These guys win the prize for best UML hosting provider motto:
...take now your new flaming linuxbox...

There are more details below.

Here'w the full blurb:
The Packardt Imaging is now selling very configurable UML to Italian customers who can even choose what kernel to run in their virtual server.

Available kernels include:
LVS for load balancing
Openswan for ipsec and VPN
OpenMosix for High performance cluster
or you can build your own kernel and use it in your uml box (at your risk ;) )

Look at for prices and info

Commercial: Austrian Provider to offer UML virtual servers
Posted on Tuesday, March 16 @ 16:18:19 UTC by jdike

We now have a UML provider in Austria. Here's the blurb:
Edis is the first Austrian provider to offer UML virtual root servers.

Full root access
Remote console access
Reinstall through web interface in seconds
Live backup and restore through web interface
Debian, Fedora and SuSE available
Multiple IP addresses
Servers are connected via redundant 155 MBit link
10 to 50 GB traffic included


Contributions: Slackware 9.1 filesystem available

Giacomo Lozito has put together a Slackware 9.1 filesystem and made it available. You can get it from A README is at

It boots with devfs, there is no root password. No special arguments to UML are needed.

The changelog provided by Giacomo is below.

This is a base installation of Slackware, with the latest base packages available on 1° March 2004. All packages installed are listed below. It was based on the root_fs_slack8.1.bz2 available on, all my thanks go to whoever made it.


Tips: Debian Installation HOWTO
Posted on Friday, April 30 @ 23:08:04 UTC by jdike

Jody Belka has written a HOWTO on running the Debian installer inside UML in order to get a UML-bootable Debian filesystem.

It takes you step-by-step through the process, starting with Debian installation media and finishing with a fully installed and bootable UML filesystem.


Contributions: Two new UML administration utilities
Posted on Monday, April 19 @ 20:40:15 UTC by jdike

Two new projects which are working on UML administration interfaces have popped up recently. First, there was umlazi, It has been going since last July and has a accumulated a pretty good feature list.

Next up is umvs . This is newer, but appears to be as ambitious, if not more so, than umlazi, judging by the command-line options and config file.

Both appear to offer UML configuration on the command line, network configuration, and control capabilitiies, but they have unqiue features, reflecting the interests of the authors.


Tips: Using conserver with UML
Posted on Monday, April 19 @ 19:39:48 UTC by jdike

Russell Adams has posted a HOWTO on using conserver as a console concentrator for UMLs.

Conserver is normally used to allow multiple users access to the serial line consoles of physical machines. This use of it with UML is a straightforward, and useful, extension of that. It lets you start UMLs and allow their main consoles to be acquired by conserver. At this point, any user with the appropriate permissions may conne


Contributions: Two new HOWTOs - UML on RH9 and Bridging
Posted on Sunday, November 09 @ 02:00:10 UTC by jdike

Prem Setu wrote a small HOWTO on running UML on RH9 (which isn't all that specific to RH9), describing how to boot Debian inside UML and set up networking to the host.

Not to be outdone, davidc wrote a UML Bridging HOWTO, which is also available in Postscript