The different Linux distribution systems

Linux has several types of OS called Linux distributions. There are currently more than 600 distribution or distribution. Number are described as very light, while others allow you to run Linux, using a different operating system. There are also complex systems that have a wide range of applications.


Tips for beginners


The first timer may want to try Linux distributions in the first place. You can check with Knoppix, Live CD distribution. Linux can be downloaded directly from the CD-ROM. You do not even have to install the operating system on your PC. Knoppix will also run a variety of operational and Linux software to make and save new files on your hard disk. Wubi can also be used to install another well-known system called Linux Ubuntu, even if you have a computer based on Windows. Wubi will let you install and run Ubunta, just like a regular application.


The first timer can also try Linux Mint. This is supported by many programs available, and also comes with mint4win, a tool that allows you to install an operating system without having to change the configuration of Windows. Ubuntu is perfect for beginners. Other good systems include Fedora, OpenSUSE and Novell or Red Hat. This distribution of Linux system easy to use for beginners. Xandros is classified as a commercial distribution system, but will allow you to run multiple applications such as Photoshop, Windows applications and Microsoft Office.


Other available systems


Netbook users will enjoy a number of Linux distribution systems, like Jolicloud, Ubuntu Netbook and Moblin. Using a laptop computer operating system you can install Ubuntu convenient. Just follow the instructions on the screen.


Professional users typically prefer Arch Linux and Slackware. Linux distribution system can be installed from scratch. It has no GUI and is recommended only for experienced users. Slackware is very fast and one of the first Linux distributions available.


Linux has developed a lot over the years and has made it possible for each user in the operation, regardless of their computer experience, computer specifications, and existing operating system. The options are vast for any type of user who wants to enjoy the different programs and applications.